The tempoFLAT SECURITY Package

The most important in good hands – our Rental payment service

Leave the most important – rental payment – in the professional hands of tempoFLAT.

As part of the rental payment service within our SECURITY package, we monitor receipt of the payments and, if they are not received in due course, take the mentioned steps below either in consultation you or independently.

Our service

  • Monitoring receipt of the rental payments
  • Transfer of the rental payments to you

If rental payments are not received in due course:

  • Telephone contact with the tenant (independently)
  • Written warning notice/s (independently)
  • Assistance in finding a mutually acceptable solution (in consultation with you)

Due to the Legal Services Act (Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz RDG), we cannot offer any further legally binding steps. However, as a neutral body we would be pleased to help you find a suitable solution or, if no such solution can be found, to assist you in finding a lawyer to represent your interests.