Services for housing providers

List your apartment for free & sublet your apartment with tempoFLAT

Do you want to sublet your apartment to a reliable person for a certain period of time with the certainty that your home will be in good hands?

Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer you a subletting service that makes this process easy and secure.

Our Service packages - more than just a portal

The choice is yours: Use tempoFLAT as a portal or as an agency with more than 30 years of experience.

The tempoFLAT Basic package

Free listing of your apartment

Free promotion worldwide

On Expatica & Justlanded

Advice & Support

We are on hand to assist you before, during and after the sublease

tempoFLAT Online Contract tool

We prepare the legally valid sub-/let contract which you can conclude online


Cost in case of success: 15% of the rental payments
If you are renting out your flat at your own cost (without making a profit), you can raise your rent accordingly so that this service works out for free for you.

Security package

Includes all services from the Basic package

--- PLUS ---

Subtenant security check

We'll check the sub-tenant for you (Internet research, employer's reference, etc.)

Rental payment service

Rental payments are made through us - we'll intervene for you if a payment is late


Cost in case of success: Plus 5% of the rental payments

A service fee applies if a sub-/lease contract is successfully completed. The service fee for the Basic package is 15%, the one for the Security package is 20% (15% plus 5%) of the gross rental payments over the duration of the contract including any renewals (prices excl. VAT). You'll pay the service fee only if you successfully rent your home via tempoFLAT.


[PDF] tempoFLAT General Terms & Conditions