The photos in your online ad make the first impression of your apartment. But please note: a picture isn’t just a picture. So bear these seven tips in mind.

7 Tipps fotografieren

1. Let there be light

A well-lit photo is key to your online ad. It doesn't just give your picture depth – it also has a great effect on colour contrast. Ideally, you should photograph your property in good weather. Open all the curtains and blinds to let in plenty of natural light. Switch on all the lights inside so every corner is lit.

2. Tilt your phone – show more in landscape format

Make sure you take photos in landscape format. That way you can show more details from your home in each image. You don't just want to show potential subtenants your sofa, sideboard or dining room table – you want to give them a feel for the whole room.

3. Diagonal looks bigger

Take your photo from one corner into another and not towards a flat wall. That makes your place look bigger. As the old saying goes: the bigger, the better. Try to take advantage of the room's full size and shoot from the corner. But be careful: don't always take them from the same corner, your prospective tenants will switch off when 'switching pictures'. Take the living room from the right-hand corner to the left, and the bedroom from left to right, and so on and so forth. Avoid the «fisheye» lens.

4. Say no to flash photography

Even if your camera wants to use flash, switch it off. Flash is designed for close-ups, not photos of rooms. Combine this with the first tip to get the best lighting result.

5. Bring your home to life with your images

When you capture your home, think about the details. A set of shelves with unique decorations or a striking picture show off what sets your place apart. This trick makes your online ad even more compelling for prospective tenants.

6. Blurry pictures are unclear

If your hands are shaking because you've had one too many coffees or your last cigarette was a long time ago, there's one simple trick: use a chest of drawers. As well as looking clear, your photo will now be level – as long as the drawers are too.

7. What and how much?

Take at least one photo of every room in your home. To make sure your photo gallery is finally complete, you will find a list here to help you.

  • You should have around 10 photos in total.
  • At least one of each room (living room, bedroom, dining room, etc.)
  • Bathroom
  • Balcony/garden (if you have one)
  • View to the outside
  • Exterior view
  • Floor plan (if you have one) or sketch

And finally, take another look at your photos – do you like them? Maybe it's worth taking one or two photos again, as the first snap isn't always perfect.

If you follow these seven tips, you will get the best results with minimal effort! Happy snapping! We look forward to seeing your ad.

Best reagrds - your tempoFLAT team