We specialise in private apartments

We specialise in advising private individuals to sublet their apartment for a limited period.

Sublet your flat when you're away instead of leaving it vacant

tempoFLAT is a custom tool for renting out apartments that are temporarily not in use. It is geared towards private tenants or owners who are not using their apartment for a certain period (3 months to 2 years) as well as people who are seeking a temporary residence for professional or other reasons.

By subletting or renting out an apartment, tenants and owners can recoup the costs for their apartment during their absence. The goal is to keep the costs for their primary residence low, or ideally even cover them entirely. The apartment is offered to the subtenant at a reasonable price that covers the tenant's or owner's effective costs.

As UMS Temporary Housing, we have been specialising in the target group of private-apartment providers and subletters in Switzerland for more than 30 years. Over 95% of our offerings in Switzerland are privately owned apartments.

Professionals appreciate a personal temporary home

On the seeker side, our customer base consists mainly of people who come to Germany for professional reasons or who are relocating temporarily within Germany for a project. The seekers appreciate the personal atmosphere of a privately owned apartment and feel at home more quickly because of it.

Furthermore, tempoFLAT recently became more attractive to seekers, thanks to the new commission policy that has been instituted in Germany to lighten the burden on renters: subtenants no longer pay a commission and can now find providers who offer their furnished apartments at cost. This keeps rental prices low.

Private subletting still relatively uncommon in Germany

In Germany, private subletting is still less common than in Switzerland. The German market for temporary residences is currently dominated by commercial offerings. Furnished apartments are specifically prepared by professional providers for the purpose of temporary rental.

One of the reasons for the limited availability of privately owned apartments is German tenancy law. In Germany, the principal landlord has more legally permissible reasons to reject a sublease than in Switzerland. This is where tempoFLAT comes in with free sample templates for obtaining consent for the sublease from the landlord. And if necessary, we explain to your landlord the details and the reason of your sublease and how our services can make the sublease process transparent and more secure.

Private subleasing eases pressure on the normal market for apartments ...

Aside from the direct benefits for the provider and the seeker, private subleasing is also beneficial for the community as a whole by easing pressure on the market situation for 'normal' renters. Consultants and expats gain an attractive alternative to the professional apartment buildings and business homes that are frequently offered in prime locations. The supply of privately owned apartments temporarily available for subleasing means that fewer properties are taken off the normal apartment market.

... and increases the mobility of the workforce

As the mobility of workers continues to rise, so too does the need to be able to sublet one's primary residence during lengthy absences. Likewise, there is a growing demand for temporary apartments. The possibility of subletting the primary apartment and thereby reducing the cost of maintaining it can be a decisive factor in deciding whether or not to accept a foreign posting.

You've found the right place

Our goal at tempoFLAT is to offer a platform for offering temporary furnished apartments and subleasing. The platform enables our providers to reduce their rental costs at home by subletting the space. Moreover, our agency services help make the sublease process secure and uncomplicated. That is our core competence, one we have been applying with great success in Switzerland for more than 30 years.

You've come to the right place if you

  • want to sublet your own, personally occupied apartment
  • are seeking a subtenant to cover your costs
  • want to conduct your sublease securely and without complications using our services
  • require help obtaining your landlord's consent for a sublease

On the other hand, we also appeal to seekers who would like to have a personal residence during a temporary stay.