Tips & Tricks for subleasing

Sublease contract and transfer protocol

Make sure to arrange a sublease contract and to write down the condition of the house and the furnishing in a transfer protocol. There is enough space in the sublease contract to arrange further agreements. All the forms are at your disposal for free by clicking on the links above.

No payments to unknown persons

If you have not seen the property before finalizing the contract and therefore have not met the sub-lessor personally, we recommend that you make certain that your landlord is a trustworthy housing provider and that the apartment in question actually exists, before transferring your first payment. Although we add listings to the portal only after a basic background check, we cannot guarantee for the correctness of the information provided.

Contact with the landlord

Please make sure that you can contact the landlord within an appropriate time limit, also during his or her absence. If necessary, inquire before the departure of the landlord if there is an informed contact person who can act as a substitute in important cases.

Links & PDF to the subject

[PDF] Sublease contract - free template

[PDF] Transfer protocol