No right of cancellation with private sublease contracts

If you sublease your apartment as a private individual and the sublease is not of a 'commercial nature', a sublease contract concluded by you is not subject to the right of cancellation.

The criteria for this 'commercial nature', however, are relatively easy to meet. If you sublease multiple apartments to a succession of subtenants, you can be regarded as a 'commercial provider', even as a private person.

Right of cancellation for commercial providers

Here, too, the right of cancellation only applies if no viewing of the apartment took place prior to concluding the contract and if the sublease contract was signed outside of the business premises of the sublessor.

As this is exceptionally rare among our housing space providers and the commercial providers are well-informed of the cancellation provisions, we will not address the issue in greater depth here.

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

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