Current version of General Terms & Conditions

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Key points summary

Portal usage & Service fees

Use of the tempoFLAT internet portal is free. If a sub-/lease contract is successfully completed, the following service fees apply:

The service fee for the BASIC package is 15%, the one for the SECURITY package is 20% of the gross rental payments over the duration of the rental contract including any renewals. The fee is invoiced to the provider by tempoFLAT or deducted directly from the rental payments if rental payments are made through us.

Particularly attractive offers are highlighted by the following icons:

Win-Win-Win offers Win price - The landlord is renting out at his own cost (resp. at market price if he is an owner).
Sale - Promotional price offers Special price - The landlord is renting out below cost price (resp. below market price if he is an owner).

Obligation to notify tempoFLAT

You are required to inform tempoFLAT of any sub-/lease contracts - including renewals – concluded. This applies to contracts between providers and seekers that have been in contact through tempoFLAT.