The tempoFLAT BASIC Package

Create and accept your contract online

Create and complete your sub-/lease contract faster and easily online: 80% of the online contracts are agreed within five days.

The tempoFLAT Online Contract tool allows you to create a sub-/lease contract on your own and transfer it directly to your tenant's password protected Cockpit. Your tenant can then accept the contract online. Or you can print the contract and send it to your tenant for signing.

We would be delighted to help you create your contract if required.

In addition, if you purchased the SECURITY package, the tool informs you as soon as you transfer or print a binding contract offer with a seeker that has not completely passed the tempoFLAT Security check.

Unique and well-proven

The tempoFLAT Online Contract tool is a product our customers and us have equally been longing for. The majority of our customers travel a lot, these circumstances make it difficult for them to arrange all the paper work in a suitable way.

We developed the tempoFLAT Online Contract tool on the basis of our customer's needs and we are happy to offer you this helpful and well-proven tool.

The tempoFLAT Online Contract tool offers you a modern and time-saving possibility to conclude a legally binding contract with your contract partner.

Or the 'traditional way'

[PDF] Sublease contract - free template

[PDF] Transfer protocol