The customer first

  • We undertake everything in order to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • We make ourselves aware of the effects of our actions and ask ourselves how these are perceived by our customers and whether our services satisfy the wants of the customers.
  • We aim to gain extraordinary results for our clients – and thus for ourselves.

Generosity & professionalism

  • We associate generously with our customers, our environment and ourselves.
  • While doing this, we orientate ourselves by our jointly arranged conduct principles; however, we also look at each case individually in consideration of common sense.
  • We resist pressure attempts and make arrangements together in uncertain situations.

Entrepreneurial thinking

  • We promote and demand entrepreneurial thinking and take responsibility for what we do or do not do.
  • Our mindset is marked by basic 'everything is possible' attitude. In addition, we promote a healthy readiness to take risks and encourage to try out new things when it comes to increasing the satisfaction of our customers.
  • We all possess the competence to make decisions which we would make for an own enterprise after weighing the odds and avoiding pressure.


  • We know and value the strengths of our colleagues and respect their weaknesses.
  • We support each other and divide the work so that our strengths our asserted and a setting is created where we can work on our weaknesses.
  • We share information and know-how and take our own initiative to give information in order to obtain extraordinary results together.

Transparency & honesty

  • Our conduct towards our customers, environment and ourselves is transparent and honest.
  • We do not create false expectations; we voice our opinions openly, honestly and constructively and admit our mistakes.

Improvement & further development

  • We create an atmosphere in which we strive for improvement and further development.
  • We question what already exists, introduce new ideas of our own and give each other constructive and honest feedback regardless of hierarchical status.